Dr. Shannon Jackson

Clinical Professor, Department of Medicine, UBC
Hematologist, St Paul’s Hospital


Dr. Shannon JacksonDr. Shannon Jackson is a hematologist primarily interested in non-malignant blood conditions including inherited and acquired bleeding disorders.  She obtained her medical degree, internal medicine, hematology and hemostasis training at the University of Calgary and moved to Vancouver in 2009. She is the Medical Director of the Provincial Adult Provincial Bleeding Disorders Program, co-founder of West Coast Hematology, practices at St. Paul’s Hospital and is a Clinical Professor of Medicine at UBC. Dr. Jackson is passionate about measuring health outcomes that matter to patients and transforming to a Value Based Health Care model of care. She has completed her Masters in Health Care Transformation at the Value Institute for Health and Care, at the University of Texas, further training at Harvard University, and obtained her Green Belt VBHC Certification from the Value Based Health Centre of Europe. Currently Dr. Jackson is working as the Physician Lead for Value Based Health Care at Providence Health Care.


Adult Bleeding Disorder Program of BC at St. Paul’s



2022 Canadian College of Health Leaders Value Based Health Care Award
2022 Teacher of the Year Award, UBC Division of Hematology
2020 Lecture of the Year Award, UBC Division of Hematology