The Leukemia/BMT Program

The Leukemia/BMT Program provides advanced training in the management of adults with leukemia, myeloma and other malignant hematological disorders as well as all aspects of allogeneic and autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Approximately 300 to 350 transplants are performed per annum, and 150-200 newly diagnosed patients with leukemia are treated. The L/BMT Program works closes with the Terry Fox Laboratory at the British Columbia Cancer Agency.

The L/BMT Program has three primary treatment locations at Vancouver General Hospital:

  • Inpatient Unit, Jim Pattison Pavilion 15th floor
  • Medical Intervention Clinic (Daycare), Blackmore Pavilion 6th floor
  • Outpatient Doctors Clinic, Blackmore Pavilion 6th floor

See Clinical Rotations for more information on the care provided at these units.

Medical Staff

The medical staff team is led by Dr. Kevin Song, Medical Director of Leukemia/BMT Program of British Columbia, and consists of 17 attending physicians, six (6) general practitioners in Oncology, and two (2) nurse practitioners. In addition to the Leukemia/BMT and General Hematology Fellows, a number of Residents in Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology and Radiation Oncology also rotate through the Program.

Please refer to the Faculty section of this site for a summary of the education, academic and research interests of our faculty members.

Fellowship Program Director

The Fellowship Program Director, Dr. Yasser Abou Mourad, oversees the recruitment, training and education of the Leukemia/BMT fellows.  Dr. About Mourad also manages the operational needs the Leukemia/BMT Fellowship Program.

Fellowship Program Administrator

The Fellowship Program Administrator performs the following functions:

  • Coordinates fellowship applications, licensing and immigration
  • Maintains a database of pertinent fellowship information
  • Develops and maintains written evaluations from the fellows and mentoring faculty
  • Maintains and distributes fellow schedules (clinical rotations, conferences, call)